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Why Your Self-Esteem Should Flow from God

Jesus Saved My Life Today

     I was in a serious car crash and I wanted to tell the testimony about what the Lord did in my life. Considering the severity of the accident, I have very minor injuries. I got several friction burns on my left arm and a few cuts on my right. I believe both were caused by the airbag. I also got some bruising along my hips from the seat belt. I received a contusion in my left leg, probably from the center console as it flew out of the car. (Yes, you know the crash is bad when the entire center console flies out of the car!) But God was good to me. I can hardly believe that I was able to get out of the car and walk away.


     I was heading towards Houston when I crashed. It was pretty crazy, my rear left tire suddenly blew and my SUV swerved right. The front of my vehicle angled forward until the rear elevated to about a forty-five degree angle. It flipped off the road, spinning like a toy about five or six times. The first flip was on the driver side, but it eventually landed on the passenger side. The direction of my car rotated almost a complete 180 degrees before it landed partially facing the opposite direction. It was almost like something you see in the movies. As I felt the car go airborne, I ducked my head and put my arms near my face. I remember seeing a blur of brown and gray from the air bag. I could hear glass breaking, and even heard the car's frame getting crunched. As all this happened, I wasn't able to do anything except think and hope that the next roll wouldn't send some dangerous object flying through the car. Or that I might hit something else like a pole or another vehicle. With each roll, the car got crushed a little more. On the last roll, the car landed on the roof, upside down. It crunched the entire ceiling down about a half a foot or more. So there wasn't much room left for me in the vehicle.

     Part of the really scary part was that I was initially stuck in the car. I looked around to try and figure out what to do to get out. I could see the passenger side was completely crushed, and was really glad no one was with me because they probably would not have lived. But I couldn't get out that way. My window was only one of two that wasn’t broken. But because I was cramped for space and hanging upside down, I really couldn't get into a position to break it open. I had to find another way out. Then I noticed the engine was smoking, and I became worried about getting out quickly. I couldn't move through the front windshield because the engine was situated above my head and was leaking oil and gasoline. Then I noticed that behind me, the rear window was smashed out. I unbuckled myself carefully. This caused me to slide down next to the door. I then had to reach up and grab the seat lever to put it in the recline position. This enabled me to crawl across the seat. I then turned myself around so I could crawl along the roof of the car, and was finally able to get out. I was so pumped up with adrenaline, that when I finally got out, I felt like crying and yelling at the same time. I remember how much my arms and hands were shaking from the adrenaline rush after I climbed out. I was really glad that I was alive and seemed to be okay.


     I looked around to see what the scene looked like. Everything had flown out of the car and was littered across the side of the road for the 50-75 yards that I traveled as I flipped. My glove compartment was completely emptied and my wallet had fallen out with bills and credit cards strung across the grass. There seemed to be glass everywhere. Of course the center console was lying out there as well. (I decided to bring home a “souvenir” item, so I took the window frame from one of my windows to hang on my wall.)


     Two other vehicles had been traveling in the opposite direction and their drivers said they saw the whole thing as it happened. The first one said he thought I was going to hit him before I completely flipped off the road. He said my car flipped over five times. He managed to drive to the side of the road where I ended up. He quickly parked, and as he ran out to help me he was shouting at me asking if I was okay, and if anyone else was in the car with me. He arrived at my vehicle as I was struggling to get out. It was really amazing to have a random stranger care enough to stop to help me. I guess we all have an innate desire to help one another, whether we realize it or not.

     The second driver saw what happened as well. He said I flipped six times before coming to a stop. The first driver called 911, which seemed to never come. Thankfully, the second driver had a brother who worked for a local EMT unit. He happened to be on duty that day and was only about five minutes away. That was neat how the Lord brought in a random passerby who had the right connections to get help quickly. His brother arrived just about 10 minutes after the whole thing happened. Because of his training, he was able to act as the dispatch for the ambulance, fire truck, and police. Meanwhile, they set me on the bed of a pickup truck, placed me in a neck brace, and did everything to make sure I okay.


     Two women stopped by soon after. One said, "Man, you were lucky today." I replied, "Ma’am, I don't believe in luck, Jesus saved my life today". Later, I mentioned to another person how the Lord was protecting me. Even in situations like this, life is about ministry. There are people that we come in contact with every day, and the Lord gives us chances to let them know about Him and what He has done in our lives.


     Even several days later, I was still hurting. I would wake up feeling like I got hit by a truck. (Oh wait, I did!) It’s really good to know that God still has a plan. I hope I’ve encouraged you as you go through your life knowing the Lord has a plan and a purpose. And that He greatly values your life. I hope that you don’t have to look death in the face like I did to realize it. 

                                                                                           - K.D.

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