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of love and redemption to these young men. The Sister was absolutely thrilled with the idea. She said she would give us the name of the head Air Force chaplain. Who do you think it was? It was the first man we met at our table at the Christian banquet a few weeks before! My husband spoke with him and he invited us to a prayer meeting at the house of another officer. It was at the home of the second man who sat at our table! Isn’t God wonderful? The six people who God wanted in our lives to help us grow spiritually were sitting at that table and God arranged for us all to meet again within a few short weeks. It was no coincidence. God worked in all our lives.

     We attended the very next prayer meeting and we knew something was very different and very special. These people had a warm and loving relationship with God that we desired for ourselves.

     As I said before, at this time we were still facing a great family crisis. One day I was working outside and I sat in a lawn chair on our back patio. I became overcome with emotion and began crying bitter tears of anguish. I cried out and said “God, I can’t deal with this. I’ve done everything I can. I don’t know what else to do.” And then I heard a Voice in my spirit that struck me like a bolt of lightning. I felt it so strongly that I stopped crying immediately. God had gotten my full attention. I heard, “I came that you might have life, and have it more abundantly, oh woman of little faith”. Instantly the tears stopped. The fear and anguish disappeared. I rose from that chair knowing that God was working in that situation.

     That very night, the prayer meeting was to be held at the Chaplain’s home instead of the other officer’s house. As the Chaplain greeted me at the door, he sensed that I was distracted and preoccupied. He asked, “Would you like for me to pray for healing for your headache”? I replied, “No. I want to receive the Holy Spirit”. I don’t even know where that came from! God gave me words that I would have never spoken without His prompting. He smiled and asked me to come in.

     After the lesson, he placed a chair in the middle of the room. He called it “the hot seat”. He asked me to sit down and he would pray for me to receive the Holy Spirit. I was so ready, that he barely placed his hands on my head to pray and I jumped up as if I had popped up out of a jack-in-the-box! I began lifting my hands and praying in tongues. My husband was shocked and surprised. He asked, “What is she doing?” The Chaplain replied that God had baptized me with the Holy Spirit in a wonderful way.  My husband, son, daughter, and her husband all received the Holy Spirit that night. Soon after my two youngest daughters received this blessing as well.

     God also worked miraculously in the family crisis and healed and restored that situation.

     My husband and I began to travel and minister to any church who would have us. I remember once we traveled to Nuevo Laredo, which is a border city in Mexico. We had been invited to minister at a church there. As we drove through the border checkpoint, I remember saying to my husband, “It would be so wonderful if the Chaplain and his wife could join us and support our work today.” You could hardly believe our amazement when we saw them driving in the very next lane headed into Mexico! We pulled over and the Chaplain asked where we were headed. We told them we were on our way to minister at a local church. He replied, “Well, we’ll just follow you then. Lead the way”. They and their children hardly spoke a word of Spanish, but they sat quietly and prayed for my husband and for God’s power to be manifested in that service. At the altar call, many were saved or renewed their personal relationships with God. Dozens received the Holy Spirit. God’s presence and power were truly evident. One woman even stood up from the altar and turned to the congregation. She admonished her fellow church members that this experience was from God and it was what they needed to cause them to return to serving the Lord. It was an amazing and incredible event. That church eventually became a beacon of God’s love and power as hundreds, perhaps thousands of people were ministered to by the church, their missionaries, their choir and musicians, and their lay ministers. I found out years later that that church had eventually sent out about forty missionaries who ministered in the U.S., Mexico, and even Central and South America.

Things seemed to be happening so fast. Our ministry seemed to accelerate as churches all along the border and throughout South Texas asked us to come and minister. However, not everyone appreciated what God was doing through us. We met a pastor who said he was opposed to what we had been doing. He questioned whether a non-educated layman could properly minister to so many people. He argued that my husband had no formal training and that it wasn’t right that God was touching people and changing lives

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