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Why Your Self-Esteem Should Flow from God

Wonderful Jesus

     In 1972, it seemed that all the doors were closing on us where we lived. A new job opportunity opened up for my husband in Laredo, Texas. I didn’t want to move there, because we were very active in our church where we lived. We were part of the church board, church committees, and were involved in virtually every church related activity. But because of my husband’s job situation, we went ahead and moved our family anyway.

     At that time we were also dealing with a difficult family crisis. Perhaps because of the difficulties we were facing, we felt like we were searching for something, but we didn’t know what. We visited various local churches but we didn’t really find one that we enjoyed and where we fit in.  

     Soon after we moved, my husband came home from work one day and showed me three tickets he had received from a salesman he met that day. It was to a banquet at a local hotel. He said the salesman told him it was a Christian meeting, but that was all. So we decided to go with one of our daughters to the banquet. The place was full of people. As we entered, I felt a supernatural power of God that I hadn’t known before. As we looked over the banquet hall, we saw there were exactly three seats available at a table. I have to say that the Spirit of God is so strong and powerful, yet so loving and tender that when we sat down we were so very warmly greeted by a man and his wife. Although we were strangers, it was very obvious to us that God’s love was present in their lives. He was an Air Force chaplain and they were stationed at the local Air Force base. Another man and his wife were also officers at the base. The third man was a local lay minister there with his wife also.

     The program featured two brothers who were from the country of New Guinea. They were formerly witch doctors in their local village. They spoke about their culture and how God had changed them. They were now ministers of the Gospel who were spreading the word of God to their people. It was a wonderful testimony.

     When the speakers were done, we chatted a little with the others at our table. We sensed a great deal of love and compassion coming from them, but it was more of a feeling than actual words spoken between ourselves. These people made us feel comfortable as if we had known one another for some time. We were actually strangers, but we didn’t feel like that was the case between us and them. While we did not exchange any contact information, we hoped to see these people again.

     At home, my husband asked me if I felt the same love and compassion from the others at our table. I agreed that I felt the same, but we couldn’t really describe it or explain it.

     A few days later, one of my daughters said a friend of hers mentioned that at a local church chapel, there was a minister who was very gifted and gave great sermons. I was not able to go, but my husband did. As it turned out, it happened to be that this man was the lay minister we had met at the banquet several days before. My husband asked him if he could give his personal testimony at the main church service. The lay minister said yes and they began to make plans to do that.

     Shortly after, my husband gave his testimony at the church. After the service, a nun approached us. She thanked us for sharing such a moving testimony and asked if my husband would consider speaking at an upcoming graduation ceremony at her convent. She felt that it would be a great benefit to the graduating nuns as they entered their service to the church. Of course, my husband eagerly agreed.

     We were so excited to serve the Lord. My husband was especially happy because it seemed we were right where God wanted us to be and we were doing His will.

     After the graduation ceremony, we were warmly and affectionately greeted and embraced by all the graduating nuns. We went to the office of the Sister who had invited us to speak. As we talked, my husband revealed to her that he had a deep desire to share his testimony with the young men at the local Air Force base. He had been in the military himself and he felt a strong desire to bring God’s message of

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